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Re: MotoGP 2017

Publicado: Sab Abr 29, 2017 5:41 pm
por jc loz
trilord escribió:
jc loz escribió:
trilord escribió:The torrent file on the main page has the 3 races in it, Spanish language is included in them.

The smcgill1969 torrents are just in English (BTSport).

Sorry, sir... I don't get it... I understand that the smcgill1969 page is where the link take me. So... I don't know how to get the spanish version from the MAIN page (ExtraTorrent, I guess :| ) I think tech is over me :cry:

thank you, anyway for answer me

No, main page here, the original post i made has a torrent file on the bottom of post which states that the language is Spanish.

AHHHHHH... THANK YOU!!!... I understand now.

Re: MotoGP 2017

Publicado: Mié May 24, 2017 12:23 am
por tsmf1racer
Thanks to Trilord for the Moto GP races! 8-) :D